Cold Stores

Pioneer Reefers
10ft, 20ft, 40ft Reefers
Dual Machine Redundant Reefer
Multi Compartment

Super Stores / Multi Reefers
20ft Super Store
40ft Super Store

Blast Freezers
10ft Blast Freezers
20ft Blast Freezers
40ft Blast Freezers

Special Reefers

Pionner Super Stores / Multi Reefers

-30c to +30c

20ft Super Store  |  40ft Super Store

Available in 20'/40' lengths and as wide as you require. For many applications we can reduce the quantity of machines required to maintain temperatures. SuperStore 5 (10 pallet wide) can often work with only 3 machines running in tandem. Procurement and running costs are lower.

On site construction is fast and 1-2 days are normally required to complete the job.

For more information or to receive a quote, please call 022-23778779.