We are amongst the esteemed manufacturers and suppliers of Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Products that are developed making use of most sophisticated technology.


Pioneer is responsible for the delivery, commissioning & installation of the portable refrigerated containers to the desired location. All this is provide at cost, so that our customers can fully concentrate on their business.

Ready to go

All Pioneer supplied equipments are in a ready to go position. Our equipments are easy to operate so that you should never face any connection related issues. In order words we can also say, that it is "Plug & Play"

24-hour service

Fix quick remedy for any Malfunctions, trouble shooting assistance, is taken care by Pioneer 24 / 7 Service Assistance. Service contract is ncluded in the lease.

Flexible temperatures

Pioneer Reefers & SuperStore are all equiped with high end temperature controller, which helps our clients to set the temperature to the required temperature. Our range of equipment goes from Minus 60 Degree to + 60 degrees.


All pioneer special refrigerated and freezer containers comply with the strict European Standards on Hygiene and HACCP(Food Safety) It covers all mandatory requirements of the HACCP

100% Safety

We at Pioneer put a great emphasis on the Environment & safety issues. All our manufacturing process is monitored by stringent safety policies. All our equipments are well equiped with all essential safety requirements including the Man Trap Alarm, etc., Safety is what we believe & Safety is what we nurture.

On site trouble Shooting

Our staff are highly experienced in the refrigeration business which includes Service engineers, Mechanics, Sheet metal fabricators, Technicians, Field specialists, Surveyors who can deal with all aspects of Refrigeration and HVAC-R services. 24 HOUR Service assistance is available 365 days a week if at all there is any malfunction or troubleshooting assistance required.

You never know when you might need from our wide range of services

Breakdowns, unexpected increased business levels, new products are just some of the reasons, there are many more...

They just might help you to SAVE MONEY if not today perhaps next week, next month or next year!